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Time and costs are reduced for our clients by only sending the candidates best suited to your unique environment.
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Whether you are just getting started with your career or looking to advance, we can help you find your dream job.
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Professional Development

Need help with your interview? Browse our services and submit your resume online for an evaluation.
Professional Development

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20+ Years of Experience

Founded in 2017 by AJ Vollmoeller, Future Force Staffing and Professional Development focuses on skilled positions in start-ups, small, and medium sized businesses where a cultural fit carries the same importance as a skills fit does.

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Job Recruiting

We pride ourselves on saving your time and money by only sending over only fully pre-qualified candiates that ar a fit for both your company culture and your job description.

Professional Development

We are here to help you get back to work or take that next step in your career. Update your resume, sharpen your interview skills and land your dream job.

Resume Writing / Formatting

Modernize your resume format and content to attract the attention it deserves.

Job Finding Training

Learn modern search techniques and tricks of the trade to get your resume noticed quicker when applying for a new job.

Interview Training

Prepare yourself to get the job you want by learning interview skills and performing mock interviews with a live coach.

Salary Negotiation

Get the most out of your job offer in relation to your work experience and skills.

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How To Not Get Hired

Your guide on how to get a job... NOT!

After seeing tens of thousands of resumes, conducting thousands of interviews, and over $30 million in accepted job offers, there's not much career recruiter AJ Vollmoeller hasn't seen or heard.

This book is a compilation of the worst, most outlandish resumes he's ever received and some truly horrendous real-life stories, from Locked-In Larry to Vanishing Victor.

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